(Hollywood, CA)


Esteban Escobar, Executive Editor-In-Chief

(Southern California, USA)



Alex Leon, VP of Development/Marketing and Public Relations
World Wide Vital Marketing & Public Relations Inc.
(Hollywood, CA, New York and Miami Florida)
(Diversity News Magazine, E.E.Enterprises, Diversity News Productions & Diversity News Publications PR)
You can contact Alex via email to:



Rodrigo Vaz(RodrigoVaz.Com)

Photo Editor, Celebrity and Events Photographer, Hollywood, CA.


About Rodrigo Vaz: He have been photographing almost  all his life and has been a professional photographer  since 2009. His passion  finally became his livelihood. Inspire by Cartier Bresson and obsessed with Herb Ritts. Rodrigo Vaz brings out the love in his subjects,  exotic creatures in the Panamanian jungles and sometimes on the red carpets of Hollywood. All is nature to his lens.

For 2 years to the present he has been working with Diversity News Magazine and releases free copy rights royalty free photos to Esteban Escobar who is a writer for is currently reaching 22 million readers per month, and is now partnered with, who reaches 2 billion readers per month. Rodrigo Vaz have taken photos of music producer and current American Idol Randy Jackson and many more.  For more information about Rodrigo Vaz and to see samples of his work please visit his official personal & professional photos website at You can also contact Rodrigo for Freelance paid work only at


Ali BigdeliAli Bigdeli (

Fashion Photo Editor, Celebrity and Events Photographer, San Fernando Valley & Hollywood, CA areas.

About Ali Bigdeli:
He is a professional fashion & modeling photographer & videographer based in Los Angeles, USA. He is also the owner of “Close UP”, “Close up Modeling Agency” and “Close Up Talent Agency” in L.A (U.S.A).

Ali Bigdeli create portfolios for models in his Modeling Websites and promote them to different International Television Stations,Fashion Magazines worldwide. As well he Place Models on Other Top Model Sites.

So if you think you have what it takes visit his websites for more info:

Also you can email him to: or call (310) 877-5875.


FRANCOIS PALAIS (Francois Palais Photography)

Fashion/Celebrity & Events Photographer

San Gabriel Valley of Los Angeles County in the State of CA.

Francois Palais, have been part of Diversity News Magazine since 2010 to present.

Francois likes to take photos of Fashion shows where beautiful women showcase their lean and hot bodies, and oh course celebrities too.


You can contact Francois for Freelance paid work only at:


  Gisele RebeiroGISELE REIBEIRO (PartyBy5.Com &

Celebrity Events Photographer & Media Partner, Hollywood/Los Angeles, CA

About Gisele Rebeiro: She have been accepted as  official photographer which gives her  the freedom to release photos to any media outlet including us and Gisele also publish her events and celebrities photos on PartyBy5.Com and she is the Executive Producer of Paparazzi Comedy held in various area of the LA County. She is a dedicate, responsible photographer and have been working with Diversity News Magazine and release free royalty photos to Hollywood and LA County Events Examiner of who reaches 22 million readers per month and now is partner with who reaches 2 billions per month. Diversity News Publications who publish this magazine and others are proud and honored to work with Gisele Rebeiro. For more information visi You can contact Gisele for Freelance paid work only at:


Bob DelgadilloBob Delgadillo (Bob Delgadillo Events Photographer)

Special Celebrity and Events Photographer.

About Bob Delgadillo:
Robert D. Delgadillo better known as “Uncle Bob” Delgadillo at Celebrity events in Hollywood. He is a full time employee for CBS as Engineer and Event Photographer for Diversity News Publications publisher of Diversity News Magazine.

Bob have been working in the entertainment industry for over 40 years. Primarily as a technical design engineer. He have worked in the technical engineering design field at CBS Television City Studios in Hollywood for the past 20 years.

He have 2 brothers and 2 sisters. His younger brother Rocky Delgadillo was City Attorney for the City of Los Angeles for 8 years and was the highest ranking Latino to hold public office in Los Angeles City until Antonio Villaraigosa became mayor. Bob is married to Lucy Luo and have one son named Tyrone Delgadillo who is in the US Navy and is a chief Petty Officer. He is also proud grandfather of his one grandson named Khy Delgadillo who is 9 years old. Born in Glendale California and have lived in the greater Los Angeles area continuously to present day.


Sonny SunSpecial Events Photographer

(San Gabriel, Alhambra, Hollywood, CA.)

Sonny Sun became effective our photographer on January 2012 to present. He loves to take pictures and he does it to keep himself busy and meeting new people.

You can contact Sonny Sun directly for Freelance paid/volunteeer work opportunities to:


Alireza KiaAlireza Kia, Special Events Professional Photographer

(Southern and Northern California)

Kia is professional photographer based on Los angeles with more than 15 years experience as a freelance and Press Photographer working for Regional, National and Local Newspapers and magazines.

kia is expert to shoot in various fields of photography such as Portrait/Modeling, Sport & action , travel and documentary . He covered lots of assignments in different countries and his photos have been published as cover of newspapers and magazines of his country and also thousands posters of them were printed . Further more he has sufficient knowledge to work with photo editing and graphic designing software .In the position as professional photographer he has done all post production work for shoots. Including all Digital processing, profiling, retouching and providing the client with a finalized product ready for print. For more information about his work visit his websites at &



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