VIDEO: Charissa Thompson and co. dancing on set


Charissa Thompson and the FSL team dancing on set in Texas.

VIDEO: Could Valentina Marchei Melt the Ice in Sochi?


It’s a rare figure skater who smolders. Most perform with a look that ranges from cute to cold – with a reliable dash of corny. But Italian figure skater Valentina Marchei could very well melt the ice. Photo: Getty Images

VIDEO: Coach Pinkel dancing in the locker room


Missouri head coach Gary Pinkel celebrates with his team.

VIDEO: The NFL Touchdown Celebrations of 2013


From the Victor Cruz salsa dance to the old-fashioned spike, The Count analyzed 1,150 touchdowns this season and broke down the players’ celebrations into categories.

VIDEO: The Buzzer: Posterized in class


Wednesday’s Buzzer brings you a slam dunk in class and more.

VIDEO: Roddick’s dance moves


Andy Roddick explains his choice to dance around Las Vegas.

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