VIDEO: How Aaron Rodgers and DeMarco Murray Will Deal With Injuries in the Playoffs


Kirk Morrison describes the treatment for playoff pain.

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Conway and Arrington recap Super Bowl XLVIII.

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FOX Sports Live on the Seahawks’ media day.

VIDEO: How Former NFL Stars Cash-in on the Super Bowl


Robert Tuchman, president of sports marketing firm Goviva, takes a look at how former NFL players try and make money doing appearances for companies during the Super Bowl. Photo: Getty.

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The FOX Sports live crew discuss some important numbers.

VIDEO: The NFL Touchdown Celebrations of 2013


From the Victor Cruz salsa dance to the old-fashioned spike, The Count analyzed 1,150 touchdowns this season and broke down the players’ celebrations into categories.

VIDEO: FOX Football Daily’s Super Bowl predictions


The FOX football daily crew make picks for the Super Bowl.

VIDEO: Flacco proves doubters wrong


Joe Flacco thinks the Ravens can repeat as champions.

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